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Lectrosonics, Inc. - SNA600A
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Adjustable, folding dipole UHF antenna

Series: Wireless

Model: SNA600A

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Tech Specs
The body of the antenna is made of from fiberglass circuit board material. Nomenclature is printed in copper on the board with a black solder mask to provide excellent visual contrast. Copper traces on the circuit board form a balun for an ideal match to a 50 ohm line via a standard BNC connector. Can be used with antenna power enabled on the connected receiver or multicoupler. The SNA600a is supplied in a kit that includes a mounting strap and stainless steel mounting stud with hardware. A sturdy mounting block is provided at end of the antenna body, threaded for the supplied 3/8” x 16 mounting stud and a standard microphone stand. The block can be repositioned in 90 degree increments for mounting in a variety of positions. The threaded stud also adapts to the optional mounting adapter kit.
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