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Legislative Council Agglomeration of Nimes, France

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Legislative Council Agglomeration of Nimes, France
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For the new government hemicycle of the urban agglomeration of Nîmes – a large city in the South of France – Media Vision provided 103 embedded conference microphones and voting units at the desk of each delegate and 10 units with onboard monitors to the head table. The main novelty: votes will no longer be held through show of hands. Elected officials now have electronic voting buttons in front of them to share their decisions with ability to display results immediately on the screen. 

Media Vision delivered a custom-made solution for this user to meet their needs for proxy voting, including: implementing the ability to vote for oneself and for a proxy on a same unit with different voting choices, having the identification for the delegate and the proxy clearly displayed on the LED screens, and the ability to modify voting choices for the delegate and the proxy during the course of the session. The implementation required firmware and software customization delivered by TAIDEN. 

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